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Seaside Retreat

Seaside Retreat


Introducing our Seaside Retreat candle, the perfect addition to your home for a refreshing and calming ambiance. Made with all natural soy wax and a crackling wood wick, this candle is designed to provide a long-lasting, clean burn. Each candle is hand-poured into our premium matte black glass jars, topped with a sealed bamboo lid for a sleek and sophisticated look. The fragrance features refreshing top notes of marine, apple, and succulent honeydew melon, complemented by a delicate floral heart of jasmine and lily of the valley. The base notes of sandalwood and musk add a subtle sensuality, creating a truly serene seaside atmosphere in any room. Add a touch of tranquility to your space with our Seaside Retreat candle.


10oz (238g)

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